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This is incidental to the real reason Trump broke his promise and why the GOP’s manic obsession with savaging Medicaid. The GOP’s stock arguments that reining in Medicaid is about cutting costs, federal intrusion in health care, and restoring health care to the states is hogwash. It’s the program itself, who it benefits, and what it means politically to the GOP..

And while many people will preach the benefits of “moderation” and “balance,” one of the keys to Joseph’s success has been obsession a complete and total immersion in one’s life and passions, regardless of the obstacles. “Every time we hear the word, ‘obsession,’ there’s a negative connotation attached to it. If you’re driven, they’re looking at you like you have some kind of psychological disorder,” Joseph explained.

They lost all these battles because they were demonstrably in

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Beyond, there’s an entire city waiting to be discovered: the

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A 14 or 15 year old mod/”manager” of her content was lying

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But there is overall only 68 million

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There are plenty of products on the market today that promise

After checking to see whether any of your Facebook or Twitter friends are using Instagram, a great next step is to use the “Suggested users” feature to discover some of the service’s favorite users. Then, make sure to look through its Notable Users Directory to view some of the top users posting photos related to fashion, food, music, news, and more. There are also featured users and photos on the Instagram blog..

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To date, as far as I have been able to discern, there’s been no explanation of who nominated Wormser against his interest or what the motivation for doing so was, or for why HHS listed his name among members who had accepted their nominations. I asked the HHS Working Group via email why Wormser had been listed as a member of the Working Group rather than a nominee. Gary Wormser has declined the invitation to serve on the Tick Borne Disease Working Group.

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